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Students and Readers of Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines


Having fully written lines, you're able to see and analysis how and why the lines work. Which goes a long way when writing out your own lines or using chord charts. I also appreciate that the first section is centred around one key. It has helped me adjust to my fret-less again. The use of different rhythmic variation is a good touch as well.


Steven's approach is masterly crafted to ensure that you are playing strong Bass Lines right out of the Gate in all Twelve Keys with numerous exercises to reinforce each and every concept whether Theoretically and/or Harmonically in a very Comprehensive and Progressive approach including clearly written directions of the various concepts for the thoroughly written out exercises. As we all know, we all learn by doing. Steven's method provides numerous exercises to keep each and every aspiring Bassist enthuse about Learning and Creating Walking Bass Lines. I have worked with literally over twenty different method books and Steven Mooney's approach is definitely the best of the best that I have worked with..

S. Price

This book had a lot more information and was way more advanced than I expected. It's the most comprehensive jazz bass book I've found to date. I've been working out of several books for the last year or so, but this is going to be my focus for the foreseeable future. I will definitely be getting the others in the series.


Must have item to jazz bass students.


This is by far the most concise and exhaustive series of its kind. I highly recommend this and the other four books as well


I bought three of Steven's books - this one, "rhythm Changes", and "Jazz Standards" - and they are all excellent. Lots of introductory method books show what to play in a single measure to get from one chord to the next, and that is a good place to start. But the next step is to create a line that is melodic and interesting over the whole song form. That's what these books do really well. The underlying theory is clearly presented, and the transcribed lines show how to put the theory in a useful musical context. Well worth the price.

The Jazzer

Writing-out all the bass lines instead of just the chord symbols lets the student learn the actual melodic motion of bass lines in the way that they are really used. The use of scale-type phrases, chromatic lines, occasional wide interval leaps, and rhythmic variations (such as quarter-note triplets and dotted-eighth/sixteenth notes) full context... really puts it all in proper perspective. It shows how those devices are actually used! That's the stuff people learn-from through specific examples! Then once the student becomes familiar with it all and gets the hang of it, he or she should be able to call on these ideas in increasingly improvisational and hence musical ways.


I should take you a picture of the stack of bass books I have, but I have never been able to retain or understand how lines are constructed, how modes work, etc. The progression of information you are presenting has made very clear what has been a fog to me for years, and I am excited to be opening the door I have been standing in front of since I was a teenager.


An "Absolute must have" Hands down!! The series delivers on how to walk the walk and talk the talk -


Great selection of bass lines and accompanying theory.


  • How long is the Membership?

    The membership is available in monthly or yearly options. Giving you access to all lessons from all workshops in our series.

  • How long will it take me to finish?

    I recommend working on 1 lesson at a time. Work on the lessons until you can play along in time with the videos. Then try to memorize the lesson. The lessons build in a stepwise manner and the materials presented are suitable for ongoing practice.

  • Is an online course right for me ?

    The great thing about an online course is you can access it whenever its convenient to you. There are videos, audio instructions and downloadable pdf assignments.

  • How often do you add new lessons?

    We add new lessons available to our membership subscribers on a monthly basis.

  • Whats included again ?

    We offer workshops on jazz bass and also the walking bass for guitar course. The courses offer video lessons with standard notation and bass tab. Lessons describe how to construct jazz bass lines and the underlying harmony and theory related to chords and chord changes.

  • Do I have to do the assignments ?

    While it's recommended to do the assignments to test your knowledge and see how much information you have retained. It is not compulsory and will not stop you from finishing the course.