Are You ...

  • Trying to find a way in to playing jazz bass

  • Looking for a structured way to increase your current skill level

  • Looking for a way to learn jazz harmony.

  • Ready to build a vocabulary of walking bass lines

  • Ready to structure your practice time

Course curriculum

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GOOD - Free Copy of Book I The Blues in 12 keys, Assignments checked. - BETTER - plus 2 extra online Coaching sessions. - Best + 4 online Coaching sessions.

Bonus material

  • Bonus material

    Free Copy of Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book I - The Blues in 12 keys. Value $24.95

  • Bonus material

    Get your assignments checked and receive feedback on improvements. Value $100

  • Bonus material

    Free Coaching Sessions. Better - 2 coaching Sessions Value -$120 Best - 4 Coaching sessions Value - $240