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Walkin' the Blues

Walkin' The Blues - Amazing what a few well structured lessons can do .......

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Bonus material

Enroll now to receive the following bonuses.

  • Free Copy of Book I The Blues in 12 Keys

    Enroll In Walking Bass Workshop Part I and get a Free Copy of Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book I - The Blues in 12 keys.

  • Graded Assignments

    Written assignments to reinforce the lesson material. A great way to test your knowledge of course material.

  • Coaching Sessions

    Get Live online coaching sessions answering your questions related to the lesson materials as you progress through the course. Varies with pricing option.


  • How long is the Course?

    The course is 18 lessons, with homework assignments. To benefit from the course I would suggest setting aside at least a month to work through the materials. For the more experienced student I suggest doing all lessons in 12 keys.

  • How long will it take me to finish?

    I recommend working on 1 lesson at a time. Set aside a month or more to cover all topics and assignments . The lessons build in a stepwise manner and the materials presented are suitable for ongoing practice.

  • Is an online course right for me ?

    The great thing about an online course is you can access it whenever its convenient to you. There are videos, audio instructions and downloadable lesson files.

  • Do you offer a payment plan ?

    Yes we do. We have the option of splitting the payments over 3 months.

  • Whats included again ?

    We offer 3 levels of courses. Good - course includes video lessons, audio instructions and downloadable lesson pdf files. Better - includes all basic features plus 2 coaching sessions and graded homework assignments. Best - 4 coaching sessions and graded homework assignments

  • Do I have to do the homework ?

    While it's recommended to do the homework to test your knowledge and see how much information you have retained. It is not compulsory and will not stop you from finishing the course.